Study of Human Body Parts

List of the Parts of Human Body and its Studies:

Human Body

Study of the Structures of the Human Body Anatomy
Study of Skull Phrenology
Study of the Brain's Structure Neuropsychology
Study of the Nervous System Neuroscience
Study of Hair Trichology
Study of Eyes Ophthalmologist
Study of Nose Otolaryngologists
Study of Ear Otology
Study of Lips Cheiloscopy
Study of Heart Cardiology
Study of Lungs pulmonologist
Study of Stomach Gastroenterology
Study of Liver Hepatology
Study of Bladder Urodynamic
Study of Kidney Nephrology
Study of Circulatory System Cardiovascular physiology
Study of Immune Systems Immunology
Study of Endocrine System Endocrinology
Study of Integumentary System Dermatologist
Study of the Lymphatic System Lymphology
Study of the Nervous System Neuroscience
Study the Brain and the Nervous System Psychologists
Study of Central Nervous System Neuroanatomy
Study of the Urinary System Urology
Study of Human Sexuality Sexology
Study of Respiratory System Pulmonology
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