SSC CHSL General Awareness Practice Set – 46

SSC CHSL General Awareness Questions and Answers Practice Set – 46

1. Which one of the following was used as chemical weapon in the first world war?

(a) Carbon Monoxide

(b) Hydrogen Cyanide

(c) Mustard gas

(d) Water gas

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Answer : (c) Mustard gas

2. Process by which plant prepare their food is

(a) Carbohydrolysis

(b) Metobolic Synthesis

(c) Photosynthesis

(d) Photosyntization

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Answer : (c) Photosynthesis

3. Study of bone is called

(a) Orology

(b) Oesteology

(c) Seromology

(d) Geology

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Answer : (b) Oesteology

4. Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the wall of

(a) Heat

(b) Vein

(c) Artery

(d) Cell

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Answer : (c) Artery

5. A plant cell differ from animal in having

(a) Chloroplast

(b) Cell Wall

(c) Cell membrane

(d) Nucleus

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Answer : (b) Cell Wall

6. DDT is

(a) Green house gas

(b) Degradable pollutant

(c) Nondegradable pollutant

(d) None of these

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Answer : (c) Nondegradable pollutant

7. Blood group is discovered by

(a) Landstiner

(b) Robert Koch

(c) Willum Harvy

(d) Louis Pasture

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Answer : (a) Landstiner

8. The book ‘ Midnight’s Children’ has been written by

(a) Arudhanti Roy

(b) Tasleema Nasreen

(c) Salman Rushdie

(d) Kiran Desai

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Answer : (c) Salman Rushdie

9. The full form of DDT is

(a) Dichloro- Dimethyl Trichloroethane

(b) Dichloro- Diethyl Trichloromethane

(c) Dichloro- Diphenyl Trichloromethane

(d) Dichloro- Diphenyl Trichloroethane

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Answer : (d) Dichloro- Diphenyl Trichloroethane

10. National Research Centre on plant Biotechnology is situated at

(a) Nagpur

(b) New Delhi

(c) Mumbai

(d) Kolkata

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Answer : (b) New Delhi


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