Indian Polity and Constitution Questions and Answers Set – 74

Indian Polity and Constitution Study Materials

1. When can Parliament legislate on a subject in the State List?

1. If Lok Sabha passes a ‘resolution by two-thirds majority that it is in national interest to do so.
2. When the legislatures of two or more States request Parliament to legislate on a State subject.
3. Under a proclamation of Emergency.

(a) I and III
(b) II and III
(c) I, II and III
(d) I and II

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Answer : (b) II and III

2. The Central Government can issue directions to the States with regard to the:

1. Union List
2. State List
3. Concurrent List

(a) I only
(b) I and III
(c) II and III
(d) I, II and III

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Answer : (d) I, II and III

3. The Union Territories are administered by the:

(a) Parliament
(b) Union Council of Ministers
(c) President, through administrators appointed by him
(d) Prime Minister

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Answer : (c) President, through administrators appointed by him

4. Match the following:

A Passport 1. Union List
B Electricity 2. State List
C Animal Husbandry3. Concurrent List
D Family Planning

(a) 1 3 2 3
(b) 2 3 1 2
(c) 2 3 1 3
(d) 1 2 3 3

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Answer : (a) 1 3 2 3

5. With reference to the Constitution of India, which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

(a) Forests : Concurrent List
(b) Stock Exchanges : Concurrent List
(c) Post Office Savings Bank : Union List
(d) Public Health : State List

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Answer : (b) Stock Exchanges : Concurrent List

6. Which of the following is/are correctly matched?

1. Stamp duties and duties on medical and toilet preparations-levied by the Union but collected and appropriated by the States.
2. Duties on succession to property other ” than agricultural land-levied and’ collected by the Union but assigned to the States.
3. Taxes on income other than corporation tax and tax on agricultural income-levied. collected and appropriated by the Union.
4. Receipts from Broadcasting-non- tax revenue of the Union.

(a) I and III
(b) I, II and III
(c) III and IV
(d) I, II and IV

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Answer : (d) I, II and IV

7. Which of the following matters are not included in the Union List?

I. Defence
II. Prisons
III. Liquor policy
IV. Ports
V. Irrigation

(a) III and IV
(b) III, IV and V
(c) II, III, IV and V
(d) II, III and V

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Answer : (d) II, III and V

8. Match the following:

AUnion List 1. Banking
BState List 2. Public order and police
CConcurrent List 3. Labour Welfare

(a) 2 1 3
(b) 1 2 3
(c) 1 3 2
(d) 3 2 1

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Answer : (b) 1 2 3

9. The State can legislate on subjects in the:

1. State List
2. Union List
3. Concurrent List
4. Residuary List

(a) 1 and 2
(b) 1 only
(c) 1, 3 and 4
(d) 1 and 3

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Answer : (d) 1 and 3

10. Which of the following is not in the State List under the Constitution of India?
(a) Fisheries
(b) Agriculture
(c) Insurance
(d) Gambling

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Answer : (c) Insurance

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