History of the Computer Generations

Generations of Computer:



A computer is a machine (mostly electronic) that is able to take information (input), do some work on or make changes to the information (process), to make new information (output).

History of the computer is referred as the different generations of computer.

There are five generations of computer. They are:

1. First Generation.
2. Second Generation.
3. Third Generation.
4. Fourth Generation.
5. Fifth Generation.

The time period of the Generations of the Computer:

S.No Generations of Computer Time Period
1 First Generation 1940-1956
2 Second Generation 1956-1963
3 Third Generation 1964-1971
4 Fourth Generation 1971-Present
5 Fifth Generation Present and Beyond

List of Circuitry used in the Generations of Computer:

1 First Generation Vacuum Tubes
2 Second Generation Transistors
3 Third Generation Integrated Circuits (IC)
4 Fourth Generation Microprocessors
5 Fifth Generation Artificial Intelligence

List of Programming Languages used in the Generations of Computer:

1 First Generation Machine level language
2 Second Generation High-level programming languages (COBOL and FORTRAN)
3 Third Generation C; C++
4 Fourth Generation C; C++; C#; Java
5 Fifth Generation All high-level languages

Example for all the Generations of Computer:

1 First Generation ENIVAC and UNIVAC
2 Second Generation IBM 1401 and Honeywell 400
3 Third Generation IBM 360 series and 1900 series
4 Fourth Generation Apple Macintosh and IBM PCs
5 Fifth Generation Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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