Historical Events on January 01

Remembrance on January 01

International Events:

Year Event
1502 Portuguese navigators discovered Rio de Janeiro.
1583 First day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland and Flanders.
1622 Papal Chancery adopts January 1 as the beginning of the year.
1772 First traveller’s cheque issued in London.
1797 Albany replaced New York City as capital of USA.
1801 Legislative union of Kingdom of Great Britain and Kingdom of Ireland is completed to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
1801 First Asteroid was dicovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
1804 Haiti got independence from France.
1842 First illustrated weekly magazine in U.S. published.
1846 Yucatan got independence from Mexico.
1847 Michigan is the first state to abolished capital punishment.
1858 Canada started using decimal currency system.
1896 Wilhelm Rontgen was discovered x-rays.
1901 Commonwealth of Australia was established.
1901 Australia got independence from federation of U.K. colonies.
1934 International Telecommunication Union established.
1992 George Bush is the first U.S. President to address Australian Parliament
2007 Romania and Slovenia joined to the European Union.
2008 Cyprus and Malta changed its currency to Euro.
2015 Lithuania changed its currency from Litas to Euro.

National Events:

Year Event
1874 First women magazine “Bola Bodhini” was published.
1877 Queen Victoria was proclaimed as ‘The Empress of India’.
1880 Money Order System in India was introduced.
1950 National Chemical Laboratory was inagurated in Mumbai.
1973 Indian General Insurance Corporation was nationalised.

Days Observed on January 01:

Name of the Day Observed Country/Organization
New Year Day Globally
International Family Day Globally
Independence Day Brunei; Haiti; Sudan
Euro Day European Union
Flag Day Lithuania

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