Where was the BRICS Ministers of Education meeting held?


Which bank has to tie up with Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) to facilitate trade with Latin America and the Caribbean?

Axis Bank

Where was the India-Jordan Trade and Economic Joint Committee (TEJC) meeting held?

New Delhi

Which state first launched the online RTI platform?


In which state the military training exercise between India and Thailand started?

Himachal Pradesh

Where is the head office of National Housing Bank situated?

New Delhi

Which state got loan from Asian Development Bank for improving connectivity as well as transport efficiency and safety on State Highways?


What is the new name of urban development and housing and urban poverty alleviation ministries?

Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA)

Which country will host the “World Food India 2017”?


Where was the UNESCO’s world heritage committee held?

Krakow in Poland

Which country hosted the G20 Summit?


What is the rank of India in Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI)?


Where is the headquarter of FIFA located?


Which company has opened its first digital factory in India?


What is the currency of Egypt?

Egyptian Pound

Which state police got the “super cop belt”?

New Delhi

Name the winner of GSMA Asia Mobile Award?

Electronic Vaccines Intelligence Network (eVIN)

Which country will host the Men’s World Championship 2021?


What is the full form of Muntra?

Mission UNmanned TRAcked