current affairs this month and this year

1, In which state first Transgender Police Officer appointed?

Answer: TamilNadu

2, In which state the Unemployment rate is high in India?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

3, Name of the application launched by the Madhya Pradesh government to provide various municipal services on live?

Answer: MP e-nagarpalika

4, Name of the Astronaut who made the new record in space walk?

Answer: Peggy

5, Name of the Bangladesh Prime Minister?

Answer: Sheikh Hasina

6, Name of the first India made industrial robot?

Answer: BRABO

7, Name of the first non-white judge in London Court?

Answer: Anuja Ravindra Dhir

8, Name of the first re-used rocket?

Answer: Space X

9, Name of the first Visually impaired Indian runner to complete the historic Boston Marathon?

Answer: Sagar Baheti

10, On which day the English Language Day observed?

Answer: April 23