Historical Events on March 22

Historical Events on March 22: International Events: Year Event 1457Gutenberg Bible became the first printed book. 1733Joseph Priestly invented carbonated water. 1765First direct British tax on colonists. 1790Thomas Jefferson became Click here

March 20 – World Sparrow Day

Information About the World Sparrow Day: 1. World Sparrow Day is a day designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow and then other common birds to urban environments, and of threats to their populations. 2. World Sparrow Day observed on Ma Click here

Historical Events on March 20

Historical Events on March 20: International Events: Year Event 1602United Dutch East Indian Company (VOC) formed. 1886First AC power plant in U.S. begins commercial operation Massachusetts. 1888First Romani language operetta was stage Click here

Historical Events on March 19

Historical Events on March 19: International Events: Year Event 1628Massachusetts colony founded by Englishmen 1831First U.S. bank robbery in New York City Bank 1861First Taranaki War ends in New Zealand. 1883Jan Matzeliger invented t Click here

Historical Events on March 18

Historical Events on March 18: International Events: Year Event 1541Hernan de Soto observed the first recorded flood in USA. 1818Congress approved the first pensions for government service. 1847First Dutch public telegram introduced. Click here

Historical Events on March 16

Remembrance on March 16 International Events: Year Event 1829Ohio authorized high school night classes. 1871First fertilizer law enacted. 1915Federal Trade Commission organized. 1916U.S. and Canada signed migratory bird treaty. 1926R Click here

Historical Events on March 15

Remembrance on March 15 International Events: Year Event 1827First Black newspaper "Freedom's Journal" was published. 1877First official cricket test match is played between Australia vs England. 1913Cleveland established first small c Click here

Historical Events on March 14

Remembrance on March 14 International Events: Year Event 1903First national bird reservation established in Sebastian. 1958Recording Industry Association of American created. 1931India's first talking film Alam Ara was released. 1939S Click here

Historical Events on March 09

Remembrance on March 09 International Events: Year Event 1497First astronomical observation was recorded by Nicolaus Copernicus. 1842First documented discovery of gold in California. 2014Barbie doll celebrated its 55th anniversary. Click here

Historical Events on March 07

Remembrance on March 07 International Events: Year Event 1573Turkey and Venice signed peace treaty. 1852Dutch telegraph traffic regulated by law. 1876Alexander Graham Bell patented telephone. 1912Roald Amundsen announced discovery of Click here

Historical Events on March 06

Remembrance on March 06 International Events: Year Event 1521Magellan discovered Guam. 1810Illinois passed the first state vaccination legislation in U.S. 1929Turkey and Bulgaria signed friendship treaty. 1940First U.S. telecast from Click here

Historical Events on March 05

Remembrance on March 05 International Events: Year Event 1558Smoking tobacco introduced in Europe by Francisco Fernandes 1856Georgia became the first state to regulate railroads. 1864First track meet between Oxford and Cambridge. 1907 Click here

Historical Events on March 03

Remembrance on March 03 International Events: Year Event 1812U.S. passed 1st foreign aid bill. 1813Office of surgeon general of the U.S. Army formed. 1847Post Office Department authorized to issue postage stamps. 1853Transcontinental Click here

Historical Events on March 02

Remembrance on March 02 International Events: Year Event 1797Bank of England issued the first one-pound and two-pound banknotes. 1819U.S. passed its first immigration law. 1831John Frazee became the first U.S. sculptor to received a fe Click here

Historical Events on March 01

Remembrance on March 01 International Events: Year Event 1642Georgeana and Massachusetts became the first incorporated American city. 1780Pennsylvania became the first U.S. state to abolish slavery. 1790First U.S. census authorized. 1 Click here

Historical Events on February 22

Remembrance on February 22 International Events: Year Event 1775First U.S. joint stock company offers shares at 10 cents to make cloths. 1784First U.S. ship "Empress of China" to trade with China sailed from New York. 1825Russia and Br Click here

Historical Events on February 21

Remembrance on February 21 International Events: Year Event 1583Groningen Netherlands started using Gregorian calendar. 1792Congress passes President Succession Act. 1795Freedom of worship established in France under constitution. 182 Click here

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