Historical Events on April 10

Remembrance on April 10: International Events: Year Event 1815Austria declared war on realm of Naples. 1816Bank of U.S. chartered was opened. 1825First hotel opened in Hawaii. 1872First National black convention meets in New Orleans. Click here

Historical Events on April 9

Remembrance on April 9: International Events: Year Event 1667First public art exhibition held in Paris. 1770Captain James Cook discovered Botany Bay in Australia. 1838National Galley opened in London. 1906Third modern Olympic games op Click here

Historical Events on April 8

Remembrance on April 8: International Events: Year Event 1869American Museum of Natural History opened in New York City. 1913China's first parliament opened in Peking. 1968Czechoslovakia Cernik government formed. 1974Discovery Island Click here

Historical Events on April 6

Remembrance on April 6: International Events: Year Event 1652Cape Colony is the first European settlement in South Africa established. 1672France declared war on Netherlands. 1859U.S. recognized Liberal government in Mexico's War of Click here

Historical Events on April 5

Remembrance on April 5: International Events: Year Event 1722Jacob Roggeveen discovered Easter Island. 1768First U.S. Chamber of Commerce forms New York City. 1814Netherlands Bank issued it's first currency. 1896First modern Olympic G Click here

Historical Events on April 4

Remembrance on April 4: International Events: Year Event 1460University of Basle in Swizerland formed. 1721Sir Robert Walpole became the first British prime minister. 1850City of Los Angeles incorporated. 1887Susanna Medora Salter ele Click here

Historical Events on April 3

Historical Events on April 3: International Events: Year Event 1077First Parliament of Friuli is created. 1848Thomas Douglas became the first San Francisco public teacher. 1926Italy established corp of force in order to break powerful Click here

Historical Events on April 2

Historical Events on April 2: International Events: Year Event 1819First successful agricultural journal "American Farmer" started. 1827Joseph Dixon started manufacturing lead pencils 1845First photo of sun taken by H L Fizeau and J Le Click here

Historical Events on April 1

Historical Events on April 1: International Events: Year Event 1578William Harvey of England discovered blood circulation. 1850San Francisco County Government established 1867International Exhibition opened in Paris. 1889First dishwas Click here

Historical Events on March 31

Historical Events on March 31: International Events: Year Event 1504France and Spain signed ceasefire. 1878Jack Johnson is the first black to hold a heavyweight boxing title 1921Royal Australian Air Force was formed. 1933Congress auth Click here

Historical Events on March 30

Historical Events on March 30: International Events: Year Event 1842Ether anesthesia used for the first time in an operation by the American surgeon Dr. Crawford Long. 1858Pencil with attached eraser invented by Hyman L. Lipman. 1893Th Click here

Historical Events on March 29

Historical Events on March 29: International Events: Year Event 1549The city of Salvador da Bahia is the first capital of Brazil was founded. 1798Republic of Switzerland formed. 1871Albert Hall opened by Queen Victoria in London. 1946 Click here

Historical Events on March 28

Historical Events on March 28: International Events: Year Event 1738English parliament declared war on Spain. 1799New York State abolished slavery. 1891First world weightlifting championship held. 1922First microfilm device introduced Click here

Historical Events on March 27

Historical Events on March 27: International Events: Year Event 1721France and Spain signed Treaty of Madrid. 1790Shoelace was invented. 1794U.S. Navy formed. 1841First U.S. steam fire engine tested in New York City. 1884First long-d Click here

Historical Events on March 26

Historical Events on March 26: International Events: Year Event 1668England took control of Bombay India. 1780First British Sunday newspaper British Gazette and Sunday Monitor published. 1799Napolean captured Jaffa Palestine. 1936Firs Click here

Historical Events on March 25

Historical Events on March 25: International Events: Year Event 1668First horse race started in USA. 1776Continental Congress authorized a medal for George Washington. 1807First railway passenger service began in England. 1814Netherla Click here

Historical Events on March 24

Historical Events on March 24: International Events: Year Event 1629First game law passed in American colonies by Virginia. 1868Metropolitan Life Insurance Company formed. 1921Women's Olympiad started in Monte Carlo. It is the first in Click here

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