Historical Events on March 01

Remembrance on March 01 International Events: Year Event 1642Georgeana and Massachusetts became the first incorporated American city. 1780Pennsylvania became the first U.S. state to abolish slavery. 1790First U.S. census authorized. 1 Click here

Historical Events on February 22

Remembrance on February 22 International Events: Year Event 1775First U.S. joint stock company offers shares at 10 cents to make cloths. 1784First U.S. ship "Empress of China" to trade with China sailed from New York. 1825Russia and Br Click here

Historical Events on February 21

Remembrance on February 21 International Events: Year Event 1583Groningen Netherlands started using Gregorian calendar. 1792Congress passes President Succession Act. 1795Freedom of worship established in France under constitution. 182 Click here

Historical Events on February 20

Remembrance on February 20 International Events: Year Event 1768First American chartered fire insurance company opened. 1861Department of Navy of Confederacy formed. 1872Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in New York City. 1887First mi Click here

Historical Events on February 18

Remembrance on February 18 International Events: Year Event 1834First labor newspaper "The Man" was published in New York City. 1849First regular steamboat service started in California. 1876Direct telegraph link established between Br Click here

Historical Events on February 17

Remembrance on February 17 International Events: Year Event 1867First ship passes through Suez Canal 1870Esther Morris appointed as the first female judge. 1878First telephone exchange in San Francisco opened with 18 phones. 1882First Click here

Historical Events on February 16

Remembrance on February 16 International Events: Year Event 1741Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine is the second U.S. magazine published. 1878Silver dollar became U.S. legal tender 1880American Society of Mechanical Engineers formed Click here

Historical Events on February 15

Remembrance on February 15 International Events: Year Event 1689German Parliament declared war on France. 1799First U.S. printed ballots authorized in Pennsylvania. 1804New Jersey became the last northern state to abolish slavery. 187 Click here

Historical Events on February 14

Remembrance on February 14 International Events: Year Event 1794First U.S. textile machinery patent granted to James Davenport in Philadelphia. 1859Oregon admitted as 33rd state of USA. 1883First state labor union legislation in New Je Click here

Historical Events on February 13

Remembrance on February 13 International Events: Year Event 1566Florida was founded by St. Augustine 1741Andrew Bedford published the first American magazine. 1795First state university on U.S. University of North Carolina opened. 17 Click here

Historical Events on February 11

Remembrance on February 11 International Events: Year Event 1752Pennsylvania Hospital is the first hospital opened in the U.S.A 1794First session of U.S. Senate opened to the public. 1826London University founded. 1837American Physiol Click here

Historical Events on February 10

Remembrance on February 10 International Events: Year Event 1807U.S. Coast Survey authorized by Congress. 1870Young Women's Christian Association formed in New York. 1879First electric arc light used in the California Theater. 1923Ink Click here

Historical Events on February 08

Remembrance on February 08 International Events: Year Event 1575University of Leiden Netherlands opened. 1807Napoleon defeated Russians in battle of Eylau. 1885First government-approved Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii. 1926Walt Click here

Historical Events on February 05

Remembrance on February 05 International Events: Year Event 1644First U.S. livestock branding law passed by Connecticut. 1783Sweden recognized U.S. independence. 1870First motion picture shown to a theater audience in Philadelphia. 18 Click here

Historical Events on February 04

Remembrance on February 04 International Events: Year Event 1789George Washington is elected as the first President of the United States. 1847First U.S. telegraph co established in Maryland. 1895First rolling lift bridge opened in Chic Click here

Historical Events on February 03

Remembrance on February 03 International Events: Year Event 1690First paper money in America issued. 1783Spain recognized U.S. independence. 1815World's first commercial cheese factory established in Switzerland. 1915Turkish and Germa Click here

Historical Events on February 02

Remembrance on February 02 International Events: Year Event 1653New Amsterdam became a city later called as New York City. 1802First leopard exhibited in U.S. 1848First ship load of Chinese arrived in San Francisco. 1931First use of a Click here

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