Historical Events on February 23

Remembrance on February 23 Year, Event 1455, Johannes Gutenberg printed first Bible book. 1813, First U.S. raw cotton-to-cloth mill founded in Waltham. 1822, Boston is incorporated as a city. 1883, Alabama became the first U.S. state to enClick here

Historical Events on February 19

Remembrance on February 19 International Events: Year, Event 1831, First practical U.S. coal-burning locomotive makes first trial run in Pennsylvania. 1846, Texas state government formally installed in Austin. 1878, Thomas Alva Edison paClick here

Historical Events on February 12

Remembrance on February 12 International Events: Year, Event 1733, Georgia founded by James Oglethorpe. 1772, Yves de Kerguelen of France discovered Kerguelen Archipelago. 1793, First U.S. fugitive slave law passed. 1818, Chile got indeClick here

Historical Events on February 09

Remembrance on February 09 International Events: Year, Event 1540, The first recorded race meet in England. 1822, American Indian Society organized. 1863, Fire extinguisher patented by Alanson Crane. 1867, Nebraska became the 37th U.S. Click here

Historical Events on February 07

Remembrance on February 07 International Events: Year, Event 1301, Edward of Caernarvon became the first English Prince of Wales. 1818, First successful U.S. educational magazine "Academician" started in New York City 1900, Labour Party Click here

Historical Events on February 06

Remembrance on February 06 International Events: Year, Event 1778, France recognized U.S. signs treaty of aid in Paris. 1788, Massachusetts became the 6th state to ratify the constitution. 1815, New Jersey issued the first U.S. railroad Click here

Historical Events on January 22

Remembrance on January 22 International Events: Year, Event 1673, Postal service between New York and Boston inaugurated. 1814, First Knights Templar grand encampment in the U.S. held in New York City. 1857, National Association of BasebClick here

Historical Events on January 21

Remembrance on January 21 International Events: Year, Event 1677, First medical publication in America (pamphlet on smallpox); Boston. 1789, First American novel WH Brown's "Power of Sympathy" was published. 1799, Edward Jenner's smallpoClick here

Historical Events on January 19

Remembrance on January 19 International Events: Year, Event 1788, The second group of ships of the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay. 1806, Britain occupied the Cape of Good Hope. 1808, Louis Napoleon signed the first Dutch aviation Click here

Historical Events on January 15

Remembrance on January 15 International Events: Year, Event 1759, British Museum opened in Montague House London. 1831, First US-built locomotive to pull a passenger train makes its first run. 1847, First Swedish magazine in the U.S Click here

Historical Events on January 08

Remembrance on January 08 International Events: Year, Events 1675, First American commercial corporation chartered (New York Fishing Co) opened. 1790, George Washington delivered the first state of union address. 1800, Wild Boy of AvClick here

Historical Events on December 31

Remembrance on December 31 International Events: Year, Event 1501, First Battle of Cannanore commenced. 1744, James Bradley announces discovered of Earth's nutation motion. 1781, First U.S. bank Bank of North America opened. 1841, AlabaClick here

Historical Events on December 29

Remembrance on December 29 International Events: Year, Event 1782, First nautical almanac in U.S. published by Samuel Stearns. 1845, Texas considered as the 28th state of the USA. 1848, Gas lights first installed at White House. 1851, FClick here

Historical Events on December 28

Remembrance on December 28 International Events: Year, Event 1816, American Colonization Society organized. 1836, Spain recognized the independence of Mexico. 1846, Iowa becomes the 29th state of the USA. 1850, Rangoon Burma destroyed bClick here

Historical Events on December 26

Remembrance on December 26 International Events: Year, Event 1492, First Spanish settlement in New World founded by Columbus 1805, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts established in Philadelphia 1854, Wood-pulp paper first exhibited in BufClick here

National Mathematics Day – India

Details Information About the National Mathematics Day: Indian Government declared that 22 December will be celebrated every year as National Mathematics Day. Then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also declared that the year 2012 would be celebClick here

Historical Events on December 16

Remembrance on December 16 International Events: Year, Event 1431, King Henry VI of England crowned king of France. 1824, Great North Holland Canal opened. 1880, Republic of South Africa formed. 1897, First submarine with an internal coClick here

Historical Events on December 04

Remembrance on December 04 International Events: Year, Event 1619, America's first Thanksgiving Day observed. 1644, First European peace congress opened in Munster. 1682, First General Assembly in Pennsylvania. 1791, The first edition oClick here

Historical Events on October 23

Remembrance on October 23: International Events: Years, Events 1707, First Parliament of Great Britain meet. 1760, First Jewish prayer books printed in U.S. 1814, First plastic surgery was performed in England. 1824, First steam locomotClick here