Historical Events on August 29

Remembrance on August 29: International Events: Year, Event 708, First time the Copper coins are minted in Japan. 1758, First American Indian reservation is established at Indian Mills in New Jersey. 1758, New Jersey Legislature formClick here

Historical Events on August 27

Remembrance on August 27: International Events: Year, Event 1610, Polish King Wladyslaw crowned king of Russia. 1783, First hydrogen balloon flight reached 900 m altitude. 1910, Mother Teresa was born in Skopje. 1932, International Click here

Historical Events on August 26

Remembrance on August 26: International Events: Year, Event 1873, First kindergarten public school opened in St. Louis. 1929, First U.S. roller coaster built. 1955, Fist color telecast (NBC) of a tennis match (Davis Cup). 1982, NASAClick here

Historical Events on August 25

Remembrance on August 25: International Events: Year, Event 1609, Galileo demonstrated his first telescope. 1825, Uruguay got independence from Brazil. 1830, Belgium revolts against Netherlands. 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became theClick here

Historical Events on August 24

Remembrance on August 24: International Events: Year, Event 1853, First potato chips prepared by Chef George Crum in New York. 1875, Captain Matthew Webb became first person to swim the English Channel. 1911, Manuel d'Arriaga electedClick here

Historical Events on August 23

Remembrance on August 23: International Events: Year, Event 1614, University of Groningen opened in Netherland. 1617, First one-way streets opened in London. 1821, Mexico got independence. 1850, First national women's rights conventClick here

Historical Events on August 22

Remembrance on August 22: International Events: Year, Event 1642, Civil War in England began between Royalists and Parliament. 1762, First female U.S. newspaper editor Ann Franklin in Newport RI. 1851, Gold fields discovered in AustrClick here

Historical Events on August 20

Remembrance on August 20: International Events: Year, Event 1741, Alaska discovered by Danish. 1856, Wilberforce University formed in Ohio. 1858, Charles Darwin first publishes his theory of evolution through natural selection. 19Click here

Historical Events on August 19

Remembrance on August 19: International Events: Year, Event 295 BC, First temple to Venus build. 1897, First electric taxi's drive in London. 1900, One and only Olympic cricket match started in Paris. 1909, First automobile race at Click here

Historical Event on August 18

Remembrance on August 18: International Events: Year, Event 1838, First U.S. marine expedition. 1840, Organization of American Society of Dental Surgeons founded in New York. 1868, Pierre Janssan discovered helium in solar spectrum dClick here

Historical Event on August 17

Remembrance on August 17: International Events: Year, Event 1858, First bank opened in Hawaii. 1869, First international boat race. 1883, First public performance of the Dominican Republic's national anthem. 1896, George WashingtonClick here

Historical Events on August 16

Remembrance on August 16: International Event: Year, Event 1691, Yorktown Virginia founded. 1896, Gold discovered in Klondike. 1954, The first issue of Sports Illustrated was published. 1955, Fiat Motors orders first private atomic Click here

Historical Events on August 15

Remembrance on August 15: International Event: Year, Event 1519, Panama City founded. 1914, Panama Canal opened. 1914, The First Russian Army led by Paul von Rennenkampf. 1918, First full-length cartoon telecasted. 1947, Muhammad Click here

Historical Events on August 12

Remembrance on August 12: International Event: Year, Event 1658, First U.S. police corps formed in New Amsterdam. 1676, First war between American colonists and Indians ends in New England. 1877, Thomas Edison invented Edisonphone it iClick here

Historical Events on August 10

Remembrance on August 10: International Event: Year, Event 1500, Diego Diaz discovered Madagascar. 1774, First Surinam newspaper published. 1809, Ecuador declared independence from Spain. 1900, First Davis Cup USA beats the British Click here

Historical Events on August 09

Remembrance on August 09: International Event: Year, Event 1803, First horses arrive in Hawaii. 1831, First U.S. steam engine train run. 1849, Hungarian Republic crushed by Austria and Russia. 1910, Alva Fisher got licensed electricClick here

Historical Events on August 08

Remembrance on August 08: International Event: Year, Event 1864, Red Cross formed in Geneva. 1919, British recognized Afghanistan's independence. 1925, First national march of Ku Klux Klan in Washington D.C. 1945, U.S.S.R. establishClick here

Historical Events on August 06

Remembrance on August 06: International Event: Year, Event 1181, Supernova observed by Chinese and Japanese astronomers. 1819, First private military school Norwich University opened in the United States. 1821, First edition of "CourClick here

Historical Events on August 05

Remembrance on August 05: International Event: Year, Event 1583, Sir Humphrey Gilbert established the first English colony in North America. 1772, First partition of Poland. 1846, Oregon country divided between U.S. and Britain at 49Click here