Historical Event on June 22

Remembrance on June 22: International Event: Year, Event 1675, Royal Greenwich Observatory established in England by Charles II. 1775, First Continental currency issued. 1870, Congress created Department of Justice. 1870, First Boar Click here

Historical Event on June 21

Remembrance on June 21: International Event: Year, Event 1749, Halifax was founded. 1768, First U.S. citizen got the Bachelor of Medicine Degree. Dr. John Archer. 1805, Great Stoneface Mount founded in New Hampshire. 1821, African M Click here

Remembrance on June 20

Historical Event on June 20: International Event: Year, Event 1837, England issues its first stamp 1P Queen Victoria. 1874, First U.S. Lifesaving Medal awarded to Lucian Clemons. 1895, Canal of Smock official opened. 1895, Carolin Click here

Remembrance on June 19

Historical Event on June 19: International Event: Year, Event 1848, First U.S. women's rights convention. The Seneca Falls Convention in New York. 1867, Red Cross formed in Dutch. 1899, National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers form Click here

Remembrance on June 18

Historical Event on June 18: International Event: Year, Event 1682, William Penn founded Philadelphia city. 1892, Macadamia nuts first planted in Hawaii. 1909, Nannie Burroughs formed the National Training School for Women. 1923, Ch Click here

Historical Event on June 16

Remembrance on June 16: International Event: Year, Event 1794, First stone laid at Dutch biggest grain windmill. 1836, London Working Men's Association formed. 1864, Union General Grant began siege of Petersburg in Virginia. 1884, T Click here

Historical Event on June 12

Remembrance on June 12: International Event: Year, Event 1775, First naval battle of Revolution-Unity (U.S.) captures Margaretta (Br). 1792, George Vancouver discovered the site of Vancouver BC. 1838, Iowa Territory formed. 1839, Fi Click here

Remembrance on June 11

Historical Event on June 11: International Event: Year, Event 1231, Harderwijk becomes a city. 1644, Florentine scientist described the invention of the barometer. 1742, Benjamin Franklin invents his Franklin stove. 1770, Great Barr Click here

Remembrance on June 09

Historical Event on June 09: International Event: Year, Event 1534, Jacques Cartier is the first European to discover the Saint Lawrence River. 1549, Book of Common Prayer is adopted by the Church of England. 1549, England enforced A Click here

Remembrance on June 08

Historical Event on June 08: International Event: Year, Event 570, Religion of Islam founded in Mecca. 1829, First U.K. municipal swimming pool outside of London opened in Liverpool. 1869, Ives W. McGaffey of Chicago's vacuum cleaner Click here

Remembrance on June 07

Historical Event on June 07: International Event: Year, Event 1340, Rotterdam Netherlands founded. 1775, United Colonies change the name to United States. 1860, First U.S. "Dime novel" published by Mrs. Ann Stevens. 1892, Republican Click here

Remembrance on June 06

Historical Event on June 06: International Event: Year, Event 1664, New Amsterdam renamed New York City. 1716, First slaves arrive in Louisiana. 1797, Napoleon formed the Ligurische Republic. 1809, Sweden got independence constituti Click here

Historical Event on June 05

Remembrance on June 05: International Event: Year, Event 1783, First public balloon flight made by Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier. 1805, First recorded tornado in "Tornado Alley". 1849, Danish National Day-Denmark became a constituti Click here

Historical Event on June 04

Remembrance on June 04: International Event: Year, Event 1784, First woman Madame Elizabeth Thible to fly in a balloon. 1875, Pacific Stock Exchange opened. 1907, Automatic washer and dryer introduced. 1912, First U.S. minimum wage Click here

Remembrance on June 3

Historical Event on June 3: International Events: Year, Event 1748, Amsterdam established municipal postal service. 1847, Rotterdam-Hague Railway opened. 1875, Alexander Graham Bell makes 1st voice transmission. 1915, Rabindranath T Click here

Remembrance on May 31

Historical Event on May 31: International Event: Year, Event 70, First wall of the city of Jerusalem captured by Rome. 1790, copyright law enacted in U.S 1847, Rotterdam-Hague Railway opened. 1868, First Memorial Day parade held in Ir Click here

Remembrance on May 30

Historical Event on May 30: International Event: Year, Event 1527, University of Marburg founded in Germany. 1631, First weekly magazine of France Gazette de France was published. 1783, First daily newspaper Pennsylvania Evening Post Click here

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