Remembrance on May 16

Historical Event on May 16: International Event: Year, Event 1527, Florence becomes a republic. 1796, Lombardije Republic formed. 1817, Mississippi River steamboat service began. 1862, First automobile built by Jean Joseph Etienne Len Click here

Remembrance on May 14

Historical Event on May 14: International Event: Year, Event 1264, Baron's War fought in England. 1607, First permanent English settlement in New World; Jamestown; Virginia. 1796, First smallpox inoculation administered by Edward Jen Click here

Remembrance on May 13

Historical Event on May 13: Year, Event 1637, Cardinal Richelieu of France created the table knife. 1777, University library at Vienna opened. 1779, War of Bavarian Succession ends. 1830, Republic of Ecuador is founded with Juan Jose F Click here

Remembrance on May 12

Historical Event on May 12: Year, Event 1459, Sun City India founded by Rao Jodhpur 1534, Wurttemberg becomes Lutherian 1551, San Marcos University in Lima Peru opened 1689, England and Netherlands formed League of Augsburg 1777, Fi Click here

Remembrance on May 11

Historical Event on May 11: Year, Event 330, Constantinople (Byzantium) becomes the capital of Roman Empire. 1502, Columbus begins 4th and last trip to "Indies". 1751, First U.S. hospital founded. 1752, First U.S. fire insurance policy Click here

Remembrance on May 10

Historical Event on May 10: Year, Event 1267, Vienna's church orders all Jews to wear a distinctive garb 1497, Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci leaves for first voyage to New World 1503, Columbus discovers Cayman Islands 1655, Jamaic Click here

Remembrance on May 09

Historical Event on May 09: Year, Event 1573, Polish Parliament selects duke of Anjou as king. 1738, England routes fleet in the Mediterranean Sea and West-Indies. 1754, Fist newspaper cartoon in the America-divided snake "Join or Die" Click here

Remembrance on May 07

Historical Event on May 07: Year, Event 1579, Congress of Cologne forms in Netherlands 1792, Captain Robert Gray discovers Grays Harbor 1800, Indiana Territory organized 1832, Greece becomes independent republic 1847, The American Me Click here

Remembrance on May 06

Historical Event on May 06: Year, Event 1536, King Henry VIII orders bible be placed in every church. 1626, Dutch colonist Paul Minuit buys Manhattan for $24 in trinkets. 1674, Sivaji crowns himself King of India. 1733, First internati Click here

Remembrance on May 05

Historical Event on May 05: Year, Event 1818, Karl Marx born at Trier; Germany. 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte dies on Saint Helena in the South Atlantic. 1834, The first mainland railway line opened in Belgium. 1903, Tirupur Subramaniam Av Click here

Remembrance on May 04

Historical Event on May 04: Year, Event 1998, India is placed on the US Special 309 watch list. 1993, Santosh Yadav became the first Indian woman to conquer the Everest twice. 1980, Coal Mine Worker's Day established. 1959, First Gramm Click here

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