Historical Event on July 16

Remembrance on July 16: International Event: Year, Event 1548, La Paz in Bolivia is founded. 1661, First banknotes in Europe were issued by Bank of Stockholm. 1769, Father Junipero Serra founded Mission San Diego. It is the first mis Click here

Historical Event on July 15

Remembrance on July 15: International Event: Year, Event 1783, First steamboat run in France. 1795, "Marseillaise" became French national anthem. 1867, San Francisco Merchant's Exchange opened. 1870, Manitoba became the 5th Canadian Click here

Historical Event on July 14

Remembrance on July 14: International Event: Year, Event 1845, First postmasters' provisional stamps issued in New York City. 1850, First public demonstration of ice made by refrigeration. 1853, First U.S. World's fair opened in Crys Click here

Historical Event on July 13

Remembrance on July 13: International Event: Year, Event 1787, Congress established Northwest Territory. 1832, Source of Mississippi River discovered by Henry R. Schoolcraft. 1837, Queen Victoria is the first monarch to live in prese Click here

Historical Event on July 12

Remembrance on July 12 International Event: Year, Event 1785, First manned flight by gas balloon in Netherlands. 1817, First flower show held in Donnybrook. 1862, Congress authorized Medal of Honor. 1874, Ontario Agricultural Colleg Click here

Historical Event on July 11

Remembrance on July 11: International Event: Year, Event 1801, First Comet discovered by French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons. 1848, Waterloo Station opened in London. 1859, Charles Dickens' "A Tale Of Two Cities" was published. 1889, Click here

Historical Event on July 10

Remembrance on July 10: International Event: Year, Event 552, Origin of Armenian calendar. 1553, Lady Jane Grey became the Queen of England. 1797, First U.S frigate was launched in Philadelphia. 1884, First Test Cricket to be played Click here

Historical Event on June 09

Remembrance on July 09: International Event: Year, Event 1815, First natural gas well was discovered in U.S.A. 1815, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord became the first Prime Minister of France 1816, Argentina declared independen Click here

Historical Event on June 08

Remembrance on July 08: International Event: Year, Event 951, Paris is founded. 1693, New York City authorized 1st police uniforms in American colonies. 1776, John Nixon gave the first public reading of declaration of Independence in Click here

Historical Event on June 07

Remembrance on July 07: International Event: Year, Event 1550, First Chocolate was introduced. 1754, Kings College in New York City opened. 1801, Haitian Independence Day. 1802, First comic book "The Wasp," was published. 1829, Roy Click here

Historical Event on June 06

Remembrance on July 06: International Event: Year, Event 1664, New Amsterdam renamed New York City. 1683, World's first university museum "The Ashmolean Museum" opened in Oxford England. 1797, Napoleon formed the Ligurische Republic. Click here

Remembrance on July 05

Historical Events on July 05: International Event: Year, Event 1643, First recorded tornado in U.S. 1687, Isaac Newton's 'Principia' published by Royal Society in England. 1811, Venezuela is the first South American country to gain i Click here

Remembrance on July 04

Historical Events on July 04: International Event: Year, Event 1636, City of Providence in Rhode Island formed. 1776, U.S.A got independence from Britain. 1789, First U.S.A tariff act announced. 1802, U.S.A Military Academy official Click here

Historical Event on July 3

Remembrance on July 03: International Event: Year, Event 1608, Samuel de Champlain founded the city of Quebec. 1630, Emperor Ferdinand II opened German Parliament. 1806, Michael Keens exhibited first cultivated strawberry. 1819, Fir Click here

Historical Event on July 02

Remembrance on July 02: International Event: Year, Event 1698, Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine. 1867, First U.S. elevated railroad begins service in New York City. 1947, Military coup discovered in France. 1951, Leiden Click here

Historical Event on July 01

Remembrance on July 01: International Event: Year, Event 1200, Sunglasses are invented in China. 1656, First Quakers arrived in Boston. 1776, First vote on Declaration of Independence in USA. 1820, First edition of newspaper "Courri Click here

Historical Event on June 30

Remembrance on June 30: International Event: Year, Event 1859, Charles Blondin was first to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope. 1870, Ada Kepley became first female law college graduate. 1886, First transcontinental train trip acro Click here

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