Historical Events on December 01

Remembrance on December 01 International Events: Year Event 1640 Portugal got independence from Spain. 1750 First American school to offer manual training courses opened. 1821 Santo Domingo proclaimed independence from Spain. 1852 TelegClick here

Historical Events on November 30

Remembrance on November 30 International Events: Year Event 1678 Roman Catholics banned from English parliament. 1700 Turkey declared war on Russia. 1782 Britain signed agreement recognized U.S. independence. 1838 Mexico declared war onClick here

Historical Events on November 29

Remembrance on November 29 International Events: Year Event 1775 Sir James Jay invented invisible ink. 1877 Thomas Edison demonstrated hand-cranked phonograph. 1897 First motorcycle race held in England. 1933 First state liquor storesClick here

Historical Events on November 28

Remembrance on November 28 International Events: Year Event 1660 London Royal Society formed. 1775 Seonnd Continental Congress formally establishes U.S. Navy. 1814 The Times of London became the first newspaper to be produced on a steam-Click here

Historical Events on November 27

Remembrance on November 27 International Events: Year Event 1582 William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. 1815 Cracow (Poland) declared a free republic. 1826 John Walker invented friction match in England. 1839 American Statistical AsClick here

Historical Events on November 26

Remembrance on November 26 International Events: Year Event 1716 First lion exhibited in USA. 1778 Captain Cook discovered Maui Island. 1832 First streetcar railway in USA started. 1895 Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association formed. 1941 Click here

Historical Events on November 25

Remembrance on November 25 International Events: Year Event 1817 First sword swallower in U.S. performed in New York City. 1867 Alfred Nobel patented for dynamite. 1894 Greenback Party organized in Indianapolis. 1933 First Soviet liquidClick here

Historical Events on November 24

Remembrance on November 24 International Events: Year Event 1639 First observation of transit of Venus occured. 1642 Abel Janzoon Tasman discovered Van Diemen's Land. 1805 Lewis and Clark reached Pacific Ocean. They are the first AmericaClick here

Historical Events on November 23

Remembrance on November 23 International Events: Year Event 1783 Annapolis Maryland became the U.S. capital until June 1784. 1848 Female Medical Educational Society formed in Boston. 1931 Nationally Crisis Committee formes in Hague. 193Click here

Historical Events on November 22

Remembrance on November 22 International Events: Year Event 1499 Switzerland became an independent state. 1789 Office of Postmaster General is created under the Treasury Department. 1792 French First Republic formed by the National ConveClick here

Historical Events on November 21

Remembrance on November 21 International Events: Year Event 1794 Honolulu Harbor was discovered. 1824 First Jewish Reform congregation formed in Charleston. 1877 Tom Edison announced his "Talking Machine" invention. 1922 Rebecca LatimerClick here

Historical Events on November 20

Remembrance on November 20 International Events: Year Event 1780 Britain declared war on Holland. 1789 New Jersey is the first state to ratify Bill of Rights. 1865 Howard University formed in Washington D.C. 1917 Ukrainian declared RepuClick here

Historical Events on November 19

Remembrance on November 19 International Events: Year Event 1644 First protestant ministry society in New England. 1893 First newspaper color supplement New York World. 1911 New York received first Marconi wireless transmission from ItalClick here

Historical Events on November 18

Remembrance on November 18 International Events: Year Event 1477 First English book "Dictes and Sayengis of the Phylosophers" printed. 1493 Christopher Columbus first sights the island now known as Puerto Rico. 1497 Vasco da Gama reachedClick here

Historical Events on November 17

Remembrance on November 17 International Events: Year Event 1800 United States Congress holds its first session in Washington D.C. 1800 John Adams is the first President to moved into the White House. 1820 Antarctica was discovered by NaClick here

Historical Events on November 16

Remembrance on November 16 International Events: Year Event 1676 First colonial prision organized in Nantucket Mass. 1801 First edition of New York Evening Post. 1835 Charles Darwin's voyage published in Cambridge Philosophical Society.Click here

Historical Events on November 15

Remembrance on November 15 International Events: Year Event 1492 Christopher Columbus notes first recorded reference to tobacco. 1791 First Catholic college opened in U.S. 1806 First U.S. college magazine published. 1849 First U.S. poulClick here

Historical Events on November 14

Remembrance on November 14 International Events: Year Event 1896 Power plant at Niagara Falls started operation. 1906 Roosevelt became the first U.S. President to visit a foreign country Panama. 1908 Albert Einstein inventClick here

Historical Events on November 13

Remembrance on November 13 International Events: Year Event 1775 American Revolutionary forces captured Montreal. 1849 Peter Burnett elected as the first governor of California. 1865 U.S. issued first gold certificates. 1875 National Click here