Historical Events on August 14

Remembrance on August 14: International Event: Year, Event 1597, Cornelis de Houtmans fleet is the first Dutch visit to Java. 1820, First U.S. eye hospital opened in New York City. 1848, Oregon Territory created. 1862, Lincoln received Click here

Historical Events on August 11

Remembrance on August 11: International Event: Year, Event 1877, Asaph Hall discovered Mars's moon Deimos. 1914, France declared war on Austria-Hungary. 1920, First peace of Riga-Soviet Union recognized Independence of Latvia. 1934, FirClick here

Historical Events on August 07

Remembrance on August 07: International Event: Year, Event 1498, Columbus arrived in the Caribbean. 1789, Congress created Department of War and Lighthouse Service. 1820, First potatoes planted in Hawaii. 1858, First Australian rules foClick here

Historical Events on July 29

Remembrance on July 29: International Event: Year, Event 1585, Friese Academy opened 1655, Biggest town hall in the world opened in Amsterdam 1844, New York Yacht Club formed 1858, U.S. citizens allowed to live anywhere in Japan 1858, Click here

Historical Events on July 28

Remembrance on July 28: International Event: Year, Event 1586, Sir Thomas Harriot introduced potatoes to Europe. 1741, Captain Bering discovered Mount St. Elias in Alaska. 1821, Peru got independence from Spain. 1851, Total solar eclipsClick here

Historical Event on July 21

Remembrance on July 21: International Event: Year, Event 1595, Alvara Mendana discovered Marquesas Island. 1831, Belgium got independence from Netherlands. 1919, Anthony Fokker's established airplane factory at Hamburg and Amsterdam.Click here

Remembrance on July 20

Remembrance on July 20: International Event: Year, Event 1654, Portugal came under English control. 1810, Colombia got independence from Spain. 1847, German astronomer Theodor discovered Comet Brorsen-Metcalf. 1848, First Women's RighClick here

Remembrance on July 09

Historical Events on July 08: International Event: Year, Event 1672, Prince Willem III inaugurated as viceroy of Holland/Zealand. 1780, Denmark declared neutrality. 1815, First natural gas well in U.S. was discovered. 1815, Charles MauClick here

Remembrance on July 08

Historical Events on July 08: International Event: Year, Event 951, Paris was founded. 1693, New York City authorized first police uniforms in American colonies. 1777, Vermont becomes the first state abolishing slavery. 1796, U.S. StateClick here

Remembrance on July 07

Historical Events on July 07:   International Event: Year, Event 1543, French troops invade Luxembourg. 1754, Kings College in New York City opens (renamed Columbia College). 1802,1st comic book The Wasp was published. 1814,WaClick here

Remembrance on July 06

Historical Events on July 06: International Event: Year, Event 1560, England/Scotland signed Treaty of Edinburgh 1687, Newton published "Principia". 1853, William Wells Brown published "Clotel". It is the first novel by black American.Click here

Historical Events on June 29

Remembrance on June 29: International Events: Year, Events 1534, Jacques Cartier discovered Prince Edward Islands Canada. 1863, First National Bank opened in Davenport. 1891, National Forest Service was organized. 1927, First flight froClick here

Historical Events on June 28

Remembrance on June 28: International Events: Year, Events 1820, Tomato is proven non-poisonous. 1832, Gerrit Moll measures noise of guns. 1859, First dog show held in Newcastle-on-Tyne. 1894, Labor Day established as a federal employeClick here

Historical Events on June 24

Remembrance on June 24: International Events: Year, Events 1793, First republican constitution in France adopted. 1817, First coffee planted in Hawaii on Kona coast. 1916, Mary Pickford became the first female film star to sign a millionClick here

Historical Events on June 23

Remembrance on June 23: International Events: Year, Events 930, The World's oldest parliament the Iceland Parliament was established. 1724, Russia and Turkey signed Treaty of Constantinople. 1860, U.S. Secret Service created. 1860, CongClick here

Historical Events on June 15

Remembrance on June 15: International Events: Year, Events 1664, New Jersey was established. 1667, First human blood transfusion is administered by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys. 1762, Austria used as first paper currency. 1775, George WashinClick here

Historical Events on June 14

Remembrance on June 14: International Events: Year, Events 1642, First compulsory education law in America passed by Massachusetts. 1775, U.S. Army started. 1841, First Canadian parliament opened in Kingston. 1846, California got indepeClick here

Historical Events on June 13

Remembrance on June 13: International Events: Year, Events 1707, Hungary got independence. 1774, Rhode Island became the first colony to prohibit the importation of slaves. 1912, Albert Berry made the first parachute jump from an airplanClick here

Remembrance on June 10

Historical Event on June 10: International Event: Year, Event 1760, New York passed the first effective law regulating the practice of medicine. 1793, Washington replaced Philadelphia as U.S.A capital 1793, First public zoo Jardin des PClick here