Historical Events on January 18

Remembrance on January 18 International Events: Year Event 1644First UFO sighting in America by perplexed pilgrims in Boston. 1733First polar bear exhibited in Boston. 1777San Jose and California was founded. 1778Hawaiian Islands was di Click here

Historical Events on January 17

Remembrance on January 17 International Events: Year Event 1773Captain James Cook became the first person to cross Antarctic Circle. 1852British recognized independence of Transvaal. 1871First cable car patented by Andrew S Hallidie. 19 Click here

Historical Events on January 16

Remembrance on January 16 International Events: Year Event 1492First grammar of the Spanish language was presented to Queen Isabella I. 1759British Museum opened in London. 1920First assembly of League of Nations in Paris. 1936First pho Click here

Historical Events on January 13

Remembrance on January 13 International Events: Year Event 1610Galileo Galilei discovered Callisto. It is 4th satellite of Jupiter. 1785John Walter published the first issue of London Times. 1822Greek flag was adopted by the First Nation Click here

Happy National Youth Day

Information About National Youth Day: 1. In India, the National Youth Day is celebrated on 12 January on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. 2. In 1984 the Government of India declared the day as the National Youth Day. 3. To quote from the Go Click here

Historical Events on January 12

Remembrance on January 12 International Events: Year Event 1583Holland started use of Gregorian calendar. 1812First cargo arrives in New Orleans by steam from Natchez. 1820Royal Astronomical Society founded in England. 1839Anthracite co Click here

Historical Events on January 11

Remembrance on January 11 International Events: Year Event 1759First American life insurance company incorporated in Philadelphia. 1775Francis Salvador became the first Jew elected to office in USA. 1813First pineapples planted in Hawaii Click here

Historical Events on January 10

Remembrance on January 10 International Events: Year Event 1863First underground railway opened in London. 1861Florida became the 3rd state to secede from US. 1901Oil discovered in Texas. 1910First international air meet held in U.S. 1 Click here

Historical Events on January 09

Remembrance on January 09 International Events: Year Event 1464First meeting of States-General of Netherlands. 1493First sight of manatees by Christopher Columbus. 1558Geneva became independent from Berne canton. 1788Connecticut became Click here

Historical Events on January 07

Remembrance on January 07 International Events: Year Event 1610 Galileo discovered first 3 Jupiter satellites: Io; Europa and Ganymede. 1782 First U.S. commercial bank Bank of North America opened in Philadelphia. 1784 First U.S. seed bu Click here

Historical Events on January 06

Remembrance on January 06 International Events: Year Event 1535 City of Lima Peru founded by Francisco Pizarro. 1838 Samuel Morse made first public demonstration of telegraph. 1903 Dutch Press museum opened in Amsterdam. 1912 New Mexic Click here

Historical Events on January 05

Remembrance on January 05 International Events: Year Event 1776 Assembly of New Hampshire adopted its 1st state constitution. 1850 California Exchange was opened. 1859 First steamboat sailed in Red River. 1887 First U.S. school of libra Click here

Historical Events on January 04

Remembrance on January 04 International Events: Year Event 1781 Andre Mechain discovered M80 globular cluster in Scorpius. 1847 Samuel Colt sold his first revolver pistol to the United States government. 1865 New York Stock Exchange ope Click here

Historical Events on January 03

Remembrance on January 03 International Events: Year Event 1848 Joseph Jenkins Roberts is sworn as the first president of the independent African Liberia. 1852 First Chinese arrived in Hawaii. 1888 First wax drinking straw was patented b Click here

Historical Events on January 02

Remembrance on January 02 International Events: Year Event 1839 First photo of the Moon taken by French photographer Louis Daguerre. 1905 Elara a satellite of Jupiter discovered by Perrine. 1910 First junior high schools in U.S. opened Click here

Historical Events on January 01

Remembrance on January 01 International Events: Year Event 1502 Portuguese navigators discovered Rio de Janeiro. 1583 First day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland and Flanders. 1622 Papal Chancery adopts January 1 as the beginning of t Click here

Job Description for Senior Manager in SBI

Roles and Responsibilities of the Senior Manager in State Bank of India: 1. Undertaking searches with concerned authorities including Sub-Registrar of Assurances, Revenue Officials etc. 2. Capable of vetting Title Reports/documents/revenue recor Click here

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