Banking Awareness Study Notes 2017 Set – 191

Banking Awareness Practice Set

1. Which places in India does not have a stock Exchange?
Answer : Udaipur

2. Which is the name of private sector Bank in India?
Answer : Axis Bank

3. Biggest tax paying sector in India is:
Answer : Industrial Sector

4. UCO Bank is a major government-owned commercial bank of India. Expanded form of UCO Bank is?
Answer : United Commercial Bank

5. TRIPS and TRIMS are associated with which of following organization
Answer : WTO

6. Which are the first two Indian Banks has allowed to open branches in Pakistan in August, 2012?
Answer : SBI and Bank of India

7. ECB can be raised under Track-II for the general corporate purpose (including working capital). The minimum average maturity period will be
Answer : 10 years

8. Cheque which is truncated during the course of clearing cycle is called __________
Answer : Truncated Cheque

9. Person named in the instrument to whom or to whose order the money is to be paid is known as?
Answer : Payee

10. National Housing Bank (NHB), a wholly owned subsidiary of the central bank (RBI) was established in 1988 under the
Answer : National Housing Bank Act, 1987

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