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Bank and Government Exam Static Study Material:

Study Material Link
List of Countries and its Capitals http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-countries-and-its-capitals/
List of Countries and its Currency http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-countries-and-its-currency/
List of Central Banks of Various Countries http://www.examsrider.com/name-of-countries-and-its-central-bank-in-the-world/
List of Countries and its National Game http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-countries-and-its-national-game/
List of Countries and its Official Language http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-countries-and-its-official-language/
List of Parliament Name for all the Countries http://www.examsrider.com/parliament-name-for-all-the-countries/
List of Countries in Each Continent http://www.examsrider.com/continents-and-its-countries/
List of International Organization http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-international-organization/
Independence Day of All the Countries in the World http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-countries-independence-day/
List of Countries Got Freedom from the UK in the World http://www.examsrider.com/countries-got-independence-from-uk/
List of Countries Celebrated Independence Day on August 15 http://www.examsrider.com/independence-day-on-august-15/
List of Countries Use Dollar as Currency in the World http://www.examsrider.com/countries-that-use-dollar-as-official-currency/
List of Countries Speaking English as Official Language http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-countries-speaking-english-as-official-language/
List of Prime Ministers in India http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-prime-ministers-in-india/
List of President in India http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-president-of-india/
List of Deputy Prime Ministers in India http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-deputy-prime-ministers-in-india/
List of RBI Governors http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-rbi-governors/
List of Banking Taglines http://www.examsrider.com/banking-taglines/
Headquarter of Public and Private Banks in India http://www.examsrider.com/headquarter-of-public-and-private-banks-in-india/
List of National Organizations in India http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-national-organizations-in-india/
Indian States and Its Capital 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/indian-states-and-its-capital-2016/
List of Indian States and Its Official Languages http://www.examsrider.com/indian-states-and-its-launguages/
List of Indian State Birds http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-indian-state-birds/
List of Indian State Animals http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-indian-state-animal/
List of Indian State Trees http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-indian-state-trees/
List of the Fundamental Rights of Indian http://www.examsrider.com/fundamental-rights-in-india/
List of Nobel Prize Winners in India http://www.examsrider.com/nobel-prize-winners-in-india/
List of International Airports in India http://www.examsrider.com/international-airports-of-india/
List of Famous Indian Autobiographies http://www.examsrider.com/autobiographies-of-indian/
Study of Human Body Parts http://www.examsrider.com/study-of-human-body-parts/
Nicknames of Indian Cities http://www.examsrider.com/nicknames-of-indian-cities/

Monthwise Current Affairs Study Material:

Static Study Material 2016:

Study Material Link
List of Largest Defence Spender Countries 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-largest-defence-spender-countries-2016/
List of World’s 50 Greatest Leaders http://www.examsrider.com/indian-among-worlds-50-greatest-leader-2016/
Complete Winners List of Padma Awards 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/complete-winners-list-of-padma-awards-2016/
List of the Cleanest State in India 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-the-cleanest-state-in-india-2016/
Top 10 Richest Countries in the World http://www.examsrider.com/top-10-richest-countries-in-the-world/
7 Wonders of the Ancient World http://www.examsrider.com/7-wonders-of-the-ancient-world/
7 Wonders of the World 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/7-wonders-of-the-world-2016/
List of Top 100 Richest People in 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/world-billionaires-list-2016/
List of the Best Performing CEO in the World 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/two-indians-in-the-top-30-ceo-list-in-the-world-2016/
Hindi Sevi Samman Awards 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/hindi-sevi-samman-awards-2016/
List of Future Ready Cities in the World http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-future-ready-cities-in-the-world/
Top 50 Engineering College in India 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/2016-top-engineering-colleges-in-india/
Interesting Facts About Facebook http://www.examsrider.com/information-about-facebook/
List of Countries Banned Facebook http://www.examsrider.com/countries-banned-facebook/
Interesting Facts About WhatsApp http://www.examsrider.com/information-about-whatsapp/
Top 10 Best Banks in India 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/top-10-best-banks-in-india-2016/
Top 10 Best Private Banks in India 2016 http://www.examsrider.com/top-10-best-private-banks-in-india/
List of Homophones Words in English http://www.examsrider.com/list-of-homophones-words-in-english/
Tips to Write Table of Any Two Digit Number http://www.examsrider.com/how-to-write-table-of-any-two-digit-number/

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